3 Modern Satirists Screwed by People Who Didn't Get the Joke

Let’s take a look at three people who might have escaped criticism if we just had a little more of that kind of faith.

Holy shit. It’s not about Colbert’s satire not being understood. It’s the fact that he used what has been employed as a racial slur for a long time. It’s the same context as calling African Americans the ” n” word. “Chink” and other such terms were employed in a derogatory manner.

Hell, they still are.

I’m 20. I’m Korean (though I don’t speak it). And I had those exact words thrown at me in high school in the context of, “Natalie, you’re a chink, right? Then translate for me: ‘Ching chong ding dong chong chong chang.” This done while waddling around and bowing. 

Amusing if you’re from the 40’s, I guess.

Once again, not Chinese. Not fluent in Korean.  This happened a few years ago. It was embarrassing and it WAS racist.

What Park was saying is that it isn’t the place of white liberals to employ racism to defeat racism. Colbert is a white man. And I don’t think he’s racist at all. In fact, I’m sure he isn’t. But he’s sending the message that these terms are a thing of the past. That we’re ready to move on. But these things aren’t in the past, and he doesn’t get to decide if we’re ready to move on or not. 

I couldn’t even read the rest of the article. I love you guys at, Cracked, but this was bad. I expected you to take the side of the Woman of Color when it came to racism, instead of the white guy. I don’t think that the person that wrote this article actually read that interview with Park.

About her not actually wanting Colbert to be cancelled:

I think it was just an opportunity to use hyperbole in a way to make social commentary, which is what the [unintelligible] would want to do to begin with. So in that sense, it’s not about understanding context, it’s never about understanding nuance and complexity of a white man’s joke, when a woman of color is always read as literal, when to me it was never a literal hashtag. And so it’s all this like,”What can we do to get you to understand context like, “What did you know, what did you not know,” like, “You don’t understand satire, you didn’t see the show, etc. ” When the question is really, what is so complex about understanding someone who is both a writer and an activist, understanding how I use satire and hyperbole to make a political commentary.


Obviously, she understood what Colbert said was satire. But satire isn’t like an Olympic Pool of Holy Water with stadium lights surrounding it. It doesn’t fix everything and bring everything to light. Especially when it’s dealing with people that don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. Colbert didn’t know he was being hurtful, and this instance wasn’t too bad in the grand scale of things. Since he’s a public figure he was held more accountable than a nobody on Twitter. He was used as an example.

Obviously, we still have a long way to go if people claiming that they are fighting racism can’t take a critique towards their method.





Tony Abbott approaches a group of Year 9 Newtown High School students on an excursion to Parliament House for an impromptu Q&A session — and likely regrets it.

"Bloke’s question".

I love how these girls are determined to get a real response out of him and I love how this lad takes Abbott’s own tactic of ignoring a question and throws another issue right back at him.

What age is year 9 in Australia because these kids are so engaged and informed and really know how to seize an opportunity when they see it, I’m so impressed.


Petition to get Danny DeVito to actually play Loki once Tom Hiddleston’s contract expires because it’s actually a great idea. Reblog if you want Danny DeVito to play Loki let’s show Marvel we mean business





most girls suck at video games either way sadly. just stop calling yourself a nerd for playing video games when your palette consists of the call of duty franchise.

Sure, girls are terrible at games and only play call of duty, I was just thinking this the other day while playing halo with some of my female friends who beat me most games and when we played gta and minecraft and plants vs zombies

Does it really fucking matter whether a girl only plays Call Of Duty? I know of a few girls who play a whole range of games, not limited to COD… Also… There are guys out there that only play one game and have played that one game for years.

i agree with scottknapp. One of the most severe ass-kickings I ever incurred on Halo was me and about six other guys getting our asses beat by two of my female friends. I only managed to get any kills because the guys tried to run up one of the girls in their holed-up position, so I just snuck around. I then switched to their team and started tearing holes through the others. 

Listen up llama dicks: Girls, in most cases, are actively pushed away from video games, so they didn’t spend their childhoods playing their NES or even their Gameboy. If they had a brother they might have seen these consoles, but most are told that video games are not for girls. I had a Gameboy, but I wasn’t given Pokemon, I was given a Mary Kate and Ashley game. 

So of course most girls haven’t had the practice boys have had. It’s not an issue of skill or lesser reflexes or being squeamish around violence. It’s because girls haven’t been playing video games. And so yeah, it’s great that you have girl friends that can kick your ass at video games. But if you encounter a girl who can’t it doesn’t mean she isn’t a “gamer”. Being a “gamer” doesn’t involve proving your worth against other gamers. You know what it does involve? Playing fucking video games. Girls don’t have to be better to prove themselves worthy of your stupid community. Jesus crust. 

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when you yell “puppy!” at a lil doge and they get happy and wag their lil tail like “yess!! i am a puppy!! a baby dog!!! thank you!!!!!!”

When you yell “puppy!!!!” At an old doge and they wag their tail and get all happy like “yes I am still a little doge thank you for noticing! !”


Studio Ghibli films throughout the years

Make me choose - Mindpalacedisruption asked: Gondor or Rohan?

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Aces and sex


•Some asexuals are sex repulsed and don’t want to have sex that’s ok
•Some asexuals have sex to reproduce that’s ok
•Some asexuals have sex because it’s pleasurable that’s ok
•Some asexuals have sex to make sure their partner is happy that’s ok
•Assuming that all asexuals will remain virgins their entire lives because they identify as asexual and tease them about it iS nOt Ok

People are individuals, don’t stereotype

rant over






The idea that fertile people with vaginas shouldn’t have PnV sexual intercourse until they are ready to get pregnant assumes that all fertile people with vaginas want to be pregnant someday, which is a…

Also, may I add that not everybody with a vagina is a woman?